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Relationship Respect

@ 09:08 PM (112 months, 20 days ago)

Respect Checklist

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A Different Approach in dealing with Teenagers

@ 08:36 AM (112 months, 22 days ago)

What Every Parent Needs to Do With Their Teenagers

We never really pay attention or think much about our kids being in an abusive relationship. We tell them to stay away from strangers or never to put their drink down at a party, but, as parents do we ever ask and check in with our kids and their relationships? As a parent, why not consider printing a copy of this off and either sitting down with your teenager and discussing the questions or lightly mention that you saw this and thought it might be of interest and leave it at that. Maybe ask about their friends, if they suspect, they are in an unhealthy situation at the moment. It's a way to open the door to discussing the topic.

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Abusive Relationships Internet Safety Tips

@ 07:44 PM (112 months, 22 days ago)

Abusive Relationships and The Internet


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Ambushed By Killer

@ 09:56 AM (112 months, 24 days ago)

Officer Ambushed & Murdered By Fellow Officer

At a press conference the Chief of police said-

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Protecting their Own- Minneapolis Police Department

@ 09:05 PM (112 months, 24 days ago)

Minneapolis Police Department Just as Guilty

Minneapolis Police Department Just As Guilty

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Deadly Force

@ 08:23 AM (112 months, 26 days ago)

Hartford Police Dept Murders Fellow Officer

Another Woman is Murdered at the Hands of a State Trooper and the Entire Hardtford Police Force

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New York Judge Allows Cop to Walk on Low Bail-Please help on this case

@ 08:53 PM (112 months, 27 days ago)

New York City Police Officer gets slap on the wrist

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Deapartment of Defense Dangerous Database

@ 08:04 PM (112 months, 28 days ago)

Department Of Defense Dangerous Data Base

PLEASE FORWARD - PLEASE RESPOND By Sending An Email to the address below where it will become public record, let your voice via your computer keyboard be heard on this tragedy by sending an "Email of outrage".

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Doctors don't have the tools in Family Violence

@ 07:33 PM (112 months, 29 days ago)


Patients' reports of domestic violence not recorded by a nearly a third of
surveyed physicians. Because they are not comfortable and trained properly in this area.

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Divorce and Important Decisions

@ 11:42 PM (113 months, 11 hours ago)


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The Other Side-Do Readers Agree or Disagree

@ 08:59 PM (113 months, 1 day ago)

Please read the article below-I would like to hear from you if you agree with this article and why?

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The World is Watching

@ 07:54 AM (113 months, 3 days ago)

How many times have you said "It's not fair!" without thinking about
what the words really mean?

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Criminal Case Against Maryland Police Captian Troublesome

@ 07:13 AM (113 months, 4 days ago)
...Nelson's husband told police that last month she held her service weapon to his head and forced him to sign a contract to sell their house.  Nelson is charged with three counts each of felony assault and second-degree assault...  Capt. Tara Nelson is just one of two female captains on the Howard County police force. She also is commander of the criminal investigation bureau... Nelson allegedly ran over her husband's motorcycle two times and then tried to run him over...  Nelson told police that her husband has mental problems... she was released from jail on her on recognizance...If this had happend to anyone else, they would not have been released.  It does not matter if domestic violence is committed by a man or a woman
especially a 20 year police veteran.  It is a crime.  But, Obviously in Woodstock, Mayland domestic violence training is on the low end of priority enforcement. Dometic violence incidents among police families is higher than we as a society might think.  And most of the time police spouses are afraid to come forward, press charges or follow through on a criminal case.   On a personal note, if I had a dollar for every time my father told fellow officers who would respond to domestic violence calls  at my home, my mother was stressed out, looney, had a problem upstairs in the head, I would be a wealthy woman.  Instead, I am now a motherless woman, because time after time, my mother would call the police and no one believed her because my father was a violent crimes detective. As in so many situations that occur each day across America in police homes.   The last and only time officers would respond to a call for help would be when I placed a call to the squad that my father had killed my mother and then himself.  Please email the reporters at the end of these articles and express your outrage of this case. Susan Murphy Milano is the author of "Moving Out, Moving On" when a relationship goes wrong and "Defending Our Lives" getting away from domestic violence & staying safe.  Susan ran an National Organization that included assitance and direct sevices to families and police officer families in domestic violence.

Charges Against Howard Co. Police Captain Dropped
November 15, 2005
WOODSTOCK, Md. -- The criminal case against a Howard County police captain has been dropped, and she is expected to return to work on Tuesday.
Capt. Tara Nelson was charged last month with multiple counts of assault after she was accused of trying to run over her husband with her car during an argument outside their home in Woodstock.
Nelson's husband refused to testify at a preliminary hearing last week. Prosecutors said he also contradicted his prior statements to police, stating that his wife did not attempt to hit him and he never feared for his life -- leaving the prosecution without a case.
Nelson's lawyer said Nelson still faces an internal investigation. 
Howard police officer is charged in assault;
Baltimore & Region
The Baltimore Sun
October 18, 2005 Tuesday
Laura Barnhardt And Hanah Cho, Sun Reporters
A high-ranking Howard County police commander has been charged in Baltimore County with trying to run over her husband with a car Sunday, authorities said yesterday.
Capt. Tara D. Nelson, 43, ran the Criminal Investigations Bureau, which investigates homicides, assaults and robberies. She has been placed on leave, and her police powers have been suspended, police said.
Nelson, of Woodstock, is accused of running into the motorcycles of her husband and one of his friends and trying to hit the two men with her Lexus during an argument with her husband Sunday afternoon, according to charging documents filed in District Court in Catonsville.
She is charged with three counts of first-degree assault and three counts of second-degree assault, court records show.
Neither man was injured, the court papers show. Baltimore County police said that Nelson told them she was upset when she found receipts from a restaurant and a hotel that she said were further evidence of her husband's infidelity. Police said that she told them she was trying to destroy the Lexus, which was a gift from her husband, and his motorcycle, according to the court documents.
Police also wrote in the court papers that Nelson said she did not know where her husband and his friend were standing when she hit a tree in her yard and the motorcycle.
Nelson's husband also told Baltimore County police that she had held her service weapon to his head to get him to sign papers to sell their house about a month ago. He told police he did not report the incident because he didn't "want her arrested," the court documents state.
After her initial appearance in District Court, the police commander was released on her own recognizance and ordered not to have unlawful contact with those involved in the incident, court records show.
Nelson, an African-American, was the first minority woman to become a captain in the Howard County Police Department.
During her 20-year tenure, Nelson has served as a lieutenant in charge of the department's education and training division. She has worked in patrol, media and community relations, criminal investigations, management services and information management, Howard County police said.


Tips on Avoiding Health Insurance Fraud

@ 06:26 AM (113 months, 5 days ago)
Avoiding Health Insurance Fraud

Some Tips to Avoid the Health Insurance Fraud:

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Telemarketing Fraud

@ 10:00 AM (113 months, 6 days ago)

Please copy this important page. If you have an older parent or relative, discuss the importance of telemarketing fraud. 

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Florida City Risk Manager is arrested

@ 07:02 PM (113 months, 6 days ago)

How crazy is this? Your a city official and you've been charged with domestic violence, you get caught, your suspended and then the city determines if you'll loose you job.  My guess in this Florda city, is that there a probably a lot more cases of domestic violence within city hall and witnin the ranks of the police department. The city wil then detmine the outcome on a case by case basis.  Why not just terminate this person?  We have a long way to go before this type of behavior is treated as a crime.

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Newly Appointed Top Cop Portland-"I will Kill You", said Dorothy Elmore

@ 10:22 PM (113 months, 7 days ago)
The following story really bother me. How can a law enforcement agency promote within their ranks someone in this case a woman, to second in command to head up the Portland, Oregon, police department?  This  plain does not make any sence.  Please send you outrage emails to and let your voice be heard.   
Dorothy Elmore, promoted last month to a position as an assistant Portland police chief, could have been fired from the force eight years ago after threatening to kill her then-husband, also a cop, prompting him to get a restraining order that barred her from their home and a police precinct.
Nine days later, the husband, Vince Elmore, asked the judge to vacate the restraining order, saying he hoped his wife could keep her job.
The 1997 petition for a Restraining Order to Prevent Abuse alleges that Dorothy Elmore, then a detective assigned to the Police Bureau’s Auto Theft Task Force, slashed all four tires of a car the Elmores jointly owned, shredded his clothes, left threatening phone messages for him at work and threatened to kill him and some of his friends with an unspecified weapon.
A Multnomah County Circuit judge granted the restraining order Sept. 15, 1997. The order barred Dorothy Elmore from the couple’s Gresham home and from the Police Bureau’s Northeast Precinct, where Vince Elmore worked. It also restricted telephone contact with her husband to conversations about their two children, then ages 10 and 4.
Dorothy Elmore, in an interview Thursday in a Police Bureau conference room, admitted slashing tires, threatening her then-husband and leaving the phone messages, though she said she could not remember whether she threatened to use a weapon.
“I’m sure I used those exact words, though: I will kill you,” she said.
   She said she was disappointed in being asked now about her behavior then, saying it was “all in the past.”
“My daughter doesn’t need to read this,” she said. “ I was at the bottom of a valley of despair at the time.”
Dorothy Elmore had filed for divorce from her husband July 31, 1997. The divorce became final Aug. 12, 1998. They had been married since July 28, 1984.
Under a 1996 amendment to the federal Gun Control Act, a person convicted of a domestic-violence misdemeanor loses the right to possess a firearm or ammunition.
With such a conviction, Dorothy Elmore could no longer have been a cop. There is no exemption for law-enforcement or government employees.
She said she confessed everything at the time to her commander at Southeast Precinct, Stan Grubbs, now the Police Bureau’s assistant chief for operations.
Grubbs said through Police Bureau spokesman Sgt. Brian Schmautz that he met with Dorothy Elmore and a precinct lieutenant at the time, that she was honest with him about her actions, and that he notified the chief’s office and Police Bureau detectives of the conversation.
Records concerning the Police Bureau investigation are in storage and unavailable until next week, Records Manager Debra Haugen said.

Al Orr, the Northeast Precinct commander at the time of the restraining order and now an assistant police chief in Tigard, said in an interview that he feared for Vince Elmore’s safety and that of other officers. He said as a protective measure he placed Dorothy Elmore’s picture by the front desk with an order that she could not enter without an escort.
After Vince Elmore made his allegations in court, Portland police and the Multnomah County district attorney’s office began investigations into domestic violence in their relationship, which died, Vince Elmore said, when he stopped cooperating.
Dorothy Elmore was transferred temporarily to the Telephone Reporting Unit. She also received an official letter of reprimand for misuse of Police Bureau property after she placed a business card on the windshield of a car belonging to a woman she believed her husband was having an affair with. Vince Elmore denied any affair.
In the restraining order, the judge also ordered that she not “possess or own any firearm or other deadly weapon.” Dorothy Elmore said Portland police detectives confiscated a .357-caliber Magnum from her home and took a snub-nosed .38-caliber handgun from her police locker. She got the weapons back after Vince Elmore dropped the restraining order, though Dorothy Elmore said she has not carried a gun off-duty since.
Vince Elmore also indicated in the petition that he would need police intervention to pick up their two children and that alcohol was a factor in his wife’s behavior. He asked that his wife be removed from their home, and wrote that a Portland police captain, whom he did not identify, advised him it was unsafe for him to go home alone.
Knowing his allegations, if proven, could end in a conviction for misdemeanor harassment and possibly end his wife’s career, Vince Elmore asked a judge to vacate the restraining order in an affidavit filed Sept. 24, 1997.
“Petitioner does not want respondent to loose (sic) their employment,” the affidavit reads.
Instead, their divorce records show, the Elmores’ lawyers drew up a Stipulated Mutual Restraining Order that did not refer to harassment of or threats against Vince Elmore.

In an interview, Vince Elmore, now a sergeant assigned to Southeast Precinct, declined to say specifically why he declined to pursue his own allegations.
“I still have to work here, man, and she’s a big boss now,” he said. “You’re putting me in a precarious position right now. But I’ll tell you, my kids were a big consideration, my main concern. I didn’t want them to have to go through all that along with the divorce.”
Vince Elmore said in the interview that he feared that if he pursued the case and his wife were fired, their children would hold it against him and his wife might come after him in court seeking alimony payments.
Police Chief Derrick Foxworth was a captain at Northeast Precinct then and has known Dorothy Elmore since 1981 when they were young recruits in the academy together. He became chief in September 2003.
Foxworth transferred Dorothy Elmore from captain of the School Police Division, where she had been since July 2003, to captain of the Personnel Division on Aug. 25. And though he said he considered other choices, he promoted her 25 days later to assistant chief of services, overseeing the Records, Internal Affairs and Personnel divisions among others. She started that job Oct. 6.
Susan Murphy Milano is the author of "Moving Out Moving On", when a relationship goes wrong and "Defending Our Lives" getting away from domestic violence & staying safe.


Radio Host Plays a different Tune called "Murder"

@ 08:27 PM (113 months, 8 days ago)

Missouri radio talk show host arrested during a commercial
break has pleaded not guilty in Massachusetts in the slow poisoning death of his
Authorities say James Keown, 31, laced Julie Keown's Gatorade with a
substance found in antifreeze, ethylene glycol, while the couple lived in Waltham,
Mass., reports Christina Hager of CBS station WBZ-TV in Boston.
James was arraigned in a court in Cambridge, Mass.
Julie lapsed into a coma and died in September 2004 after suffering for
months with what prosecutors say were unexplained symptoms such as nausea,
vomiting, diarrhea and a rash on her leg. She was 31.
James then moved back to Missouri, where he was working at KLIK radio in
Jefferson City when he was taken into custody Wednesday, and brought back to
Julie and James had moved to Waltham from Missouri eight months before she
Police say James told family members he came to Massachusetts to attend
Harvard Business School, but that was a lie. It's believed, reports WBZ-TV's Teri
Adler, that James moved Julie away from her family with the intent of killing
James' motive, authorities say, was a $250,000 life insurance policy on his
Julie's parents came to Cambridge from their Missouri home to watch their
son-in-law's court session.
Her father, Jack Oldag, told reporters, "We will miss hearing her laugh and
seeing her smile for the rest of our lives. …It is now time for Julie to
receive the justice and dignity she truly deserves."
But James insists he didn’t do it.
His lawyer, J.W. Carney, Jr. said James "remains in mourning for her passing."
He added, "It's always suspect when the prosecutors need a year to get enough
evidence to even obtain an indictment."
Keown was held without bail, says Hager, and will remain behind bars in
Cambridge until his next scheduled court session next month.

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Very Dangerous "Real ID Act of 2005"

@ 07:13 AM (113 months, 11 days ago)
Danger in New Law Titled "Real ID Act of 2005" Victims' of Domestic Violence & Shelters Addresses May Wind Up in a Federal Database.. Your congressman and State Senator's are in the process of negotiating the differences between the House and Senate Violence Against Women Act bills. One section in the Senate version of the bill provides address confidentiality provisions for victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. This provision provides that victims who are currently enrolled in state address confidentiality programs or whose addresses are legally suppressed, would be exempt from the regulations of the REAL ID Act of 2005. BACKGROUND The REAL ID Act of 2005 mandates states to force driver's licenses or state ID card holders to provide documentation of their actual physical address. This information would then be put in a Federal database. IDs from states who fail to implement this system will not be considered "Federally recognized IDs". Therefore citizens in those states will not be able to fly, get a checking account, rent post office boxes or even enter government buildings. I imagine that over time they will also lose Federal transportation funding as well. States have 3 years to implement this system (however they receive no Federal funding to do so). THE DANGER As you can see this poses an EXTREME danger to the privacy of victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. Additionally, victims who live in a state that may choose not to implement the new regulations may have a hard time rebuilding their lives, traveling or relocating. Hence why we The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has written an exemption to this law in Violence Against Women Act.(V.A.W.A.) HERE'S THE CATCH Because the House version of VAWA does not contain this exemption we have to convince the House judiciary to include the Senate language in the conference bill. This will not be an easy task since the Chairman of the House Judiciary is Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, the author of the REAL ID Act of 2005! HELP US HELP VICITMS If you have any stories of victims, friends, relatives or even you, that have been stalked or otherwise located because of their Department of Motor Vehicle information, public utility, or other records providing their address, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I assure you that I will not release the name of you or the organization that provided assistance to you. (maybe just your city and state). We need to PROVE to the Congressional staff that this is a HUGE danger to victims! The best way to do that is to provide anecdotal information! It scares the living daylights out of womens organizations and myself, to hear that they may be (unintentionally) putting lives at risk and in their OWN STATE! Each of us live in states that have state address confidentiality programs such as Battered Womens Shelters this will cause real danger if this Act goes through without special provisions. Please email me with any stories, do not include your name, just the story of how you or someone you knew re-built their lives because their personal information remained confidental, the city and the state. Please email me at Susan Murphy-Milano


America's Most Wanted Needs The Public's Help

@ 07:37 AM (113 months, 12 days ago)
In March of 2005, Former South Carolina Police Officer gunned down his wife. And he's been on the run ever since.  The show will air Saturday November 12, 2005. If you have any information, please contact the authorities immediately.  Please read the story below.
Officer Hiers on Americal's most wanted:
Hiers case to be featured on "America's Most Wanted"
The State, SC
Associated Press
Mon, Nov. 07, 2005
CHARLESTON, S.C. - The case of a former Charleston Police officer wanted for murder in the death of his wife will be featured Saturday on the television program "America's Most Wanted."
Goose Creek police have issued a warrant for Daniel William Hiers Jr. The body of his wife, Ludimila Hiers, was found in the couple's home last March 15. She had been shot in the back of the head while she slept.
Authorities have been looking for Hiers, 32, since he failed to surrender in Dorchester County on unrelated charges the morning of the shooting.
The sheriff's office has warrants on charges of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree with a minor and committing a lewd act on a minor.
Since Hiers disappeared, authorities have received tips he was seen in a Starbucks in New York, at a Blockbuster video store in Massachusetts and jogging in North Carolina.
The car Hiers was driving when he left the area was found this summer in Laredo, Texas. The odometer indicated the 2005 Chevrolet Aveo likely was driven straight to Texas from the Lowcountry.
"My gut tells me he's somewhere near here," Dorchester County sheriff's Lt. Tom Marshall said.
Neither Marshall nor Goose Creek police Lt. Dave Soderberg think Hiers is in Texas or crossed into Mexico.
"You put a vehicle someplace where you want people to think you went and then you go the opposite direction," Soderberg said.
Susan Murphy Milano is the daughter of former chicago police detective Philip Murphy, who murdered her mother before taking his own life.  Susan is also the author of "Moving Out Moving On" when a relationship goes wrong and "Defending Our Lives" (Double day Books) Website 


Who to Call when Bad Guys Are Cops-Calling All Blogers-Need your help

@ 09:04 AM (113 months, 13 days ago)

Who to call when the bad guys are the Cops-Calling all Blogers-We need your help. November 8, 2005

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Mail Order Brides

@ 06:27 AM (113 months, 13 days ago)
One Woman's Story It took Natasha a day trip to Moscow to find the American husband she had dreamed of. It took the next six years to get out of the nightmare that followed. A music teacher from central Russia, she was one of 200 Russian women who patiently lined up at a Moscow restaurant to meet 10 American men at a gathering hosted by a mail-order bride agency. She spoke no English but immediately caught the eye of one of the men, 16 years her senior. He was handsome and said he wanted the same things she did: a loving family and children. They went to museums and the theater with an interpreter, and he started the paperwork to bring her to the United States as his wife. The fairy tale ended eight months later. Natasha, who would only be identified using a pseudonym, had barely set foot in the United States when her new husband began to abuse her sexually, disappeared for weeks at a stretch, threatened anyone who tried to befriend her and forced her to sign a post-nuptial agreement. Thrown out of their house after two years of abuse, Natasha was left to fend for herself in an unfamiliar country with minimal English skills and no legal documents to work. "He told me I was the most expensive toy he ever bought," said Natasha, who has since divorced and had her immigration case reopened with the help of a women's group after gaining official status as an abused spouse. Womens' rights advocates say Natasha's case is hardly unique in the world of mail-order brides. Indeed, anecdotal evidence suggests it is becoming increasingly common. Three mail-order brides have even been killed by their husbands in the last 10 years in the United States. Once the domain of those unlucky in love, mail-order bride Web sites are now increasingly being prowled by predatory abusers and serial rapists, says Layli Miller-Muro, of the Virginia-based Tahirih Justice Center which represents several abused brides. A survey by the group found that 50 percent of 175 U.S. legal-aid groups had been approached by abused mail-order brides, she said. MARRIAGES GO 'HORRIBLY WRONG' As more cases of battered brides come to light, a small but growing movement to curb such abuse is gathering momentum. Spurred by the deaths of two brides in Washington state, a new bill aimed at giving foreign brides more legal rights is now before Congress. It will require the brides be informed of any spouse's criminal record and prevent American men from applying for several fiancee visas at the same time -- ending a loophole that critics say currently allows a "wife lottery." "The statistics will show that many of these marriages work out great," said U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen (news, bio, voting record) from Washington state, where two of the three women were murdered. "The problem is when things go wrong, they go horribly wrong." Last year, Nataliya Fox, a bride who was beaten by her husband while breast-feeding their child, sued and won the first lawsuit against an Internet bride agency. That agency offered a satisfaction guarantee for men: If the first wife didn't work out, the next one was free, says Miller-Muro. "The way international marriage brokers operate currently, they make themselves an easy conduit for predatory abusers to find their next victim," says Miller-Muro. Mail order bride agencies balk at the suggestion that it's their responsibility to help prevent abuse. "Just like when you go on a date in America, how do you know this person isn't a (Charles) Manson?" said Craig Jay Rich, who married a Russian woman and founded A Volga Girl, which pairs clients with Russian women. In six years, only two couples who met through the agency have divorced, he says. AGENCIES BOOM All this comes as the mail-order bride business continues to grow, fueled largely by the Internet. In 1999, an Immigration and Naturalization Service study found over 200 agencies that paired 4,000 to 6,000 American men each year with foreign women, mostly from Eastern Europe and Asia. Two years ago, that had mushroomed to over 500 agencies. Though some critics believe the business is just a few steps short of trafficking in women, most agree that many men who use them are sincere in their efforts to find a soulmate. Many who turn to the agencies want a traditional and loyal woman. That's partly what drove Chris Testa to a mail-order bride. After eye problems nearly cost him his vision and several dates that led to nothing, he forked out $90 to search for women on the Volga Girl Web site. He soon began writing to a demure girl called Elena Zharkova from Togliatti, a town 600 miles south of Moscow. Testa finally made his way to Russia to meet Zharkova and two other prospective brides. Eight days later, after an excursion on a tugboat, he had made his choice. "She was the only one who wanted to meet me at the airport and she took a week off from work," said Testa, a tall New Jerseyan with a mustache, who spent $16,000 to find her. The couple married this summer. Zharkova says she is happy. "I always knew he was the one for me," she said in halting English at a Manhattan diner, holding on to Testa's arm as she sipped tea. "I have a feeling now like I was born here." Susan Murphy-Milanos is the author of "Moving Out Moving On" when a relationship goes wrong and "Defending Our Lives" getting away from domestic violence & staying safe (Double day books) Website:


America's Most Wanted is Asking for our help-Show airs Nov 12, 2005

@ 08:35 PM (113 months, 14 days ago)
Former Police Officer Dan Heirs is wanted for the murder of his wife, gunned down in March of 2005. Along with other charges and involve children.  Please if you see him contact the authorities immediately. 
Officer Hiers on Americal's most wanted:
Hiers case to be featured on "America's Most Wanted"
The State, SC
Associated Press
Mon, Nov. 07, 2005
CHARLESTON, S.C. - The case of a former Charleston Police officer wanted for murder in the death of his wife will be featured Saturday on the television program "America's Most Wanted."
Goose Creek police have issued a warrant for Daniel William Hiers Jr. The body of his wife, Ludimila Hiers, was found in the couple's home last March 15. She had been shot in the back of the head while she slept.
Authorities have been looking for Hiers, 32, since he failed to surrender in Dorchester County on unrelated charges the morning of the shooting.
The sheriff's office has warrants on charges of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree with a minor and committing a lewd act on a minor.
Since Hiers disappeared, authorities have received tips he was seen in a Starbucks in New York, at a Blockbuster video store in Massachusetts and jogging in North Carolina.
The car Hiers was driving when he left the area was found this summer in Laredo, Texas. The odometer indicated the 2005 Chevrolet Aveo likely was driven straight to Texas from the Lowcountry.
"My gut tells me he's somewhere near here," Dorchester County sheriff's Lt. Tom Marshall said.
Neither Marshall nor Goose Creek police Lt. Dave Soderberg think Hiers is in Texas or crossed into Mexico.
"You put a vehicle someplace where you want people to think you went and then you go the opposite direction," Soderberg said.
Susan Murphy-Milano, is the daughter of former Chicago Police Detective, Philip Murphy, who killed her mother before taking his own life.  Susan is the author of "Moving Out Moving On" when a relationship goes wrong and "Defending Our Lives" getting away from domestic violence & staying safe (Doube Day Books)


Reality Hits Home on Recent Oprah Winfrey Show

@ 08:35 PM (113 months, 15 days ago)

Recently, Oprah did a show with a young talented country western singer, who was on her way to a bright future. After a release of a huge record, that hit #3 on the charts.  The next big hit would not be another record, but, a severe beating from her live-in boyfriend, that could have killed her, and nearly did.  Here is this beautiful woman, with the world at her feet, announcing on National Televison, that she still loves him, and they are expecting their first child soon.  And against court orders, she returned to him, after this incident, and then became pregnant.

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Texas Jail Allows Dangerous Inmate To Escape

@ 08:20 AM (113 months, 16 days ago)
  CNN   Houston jail took responsibility Friday for the escape of a convicted murderer who had recently been sentenced to die, a sheriff's department spokesman said Friday.

Charles Victor Thompson, 35, escaped Thursday afternoon from the Harris County Jail after changing into civilian clothes and talking his way past guards.

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Bending an Ear at Fox News-Bloggers we need your help!

@ 11:40 PM (113 months, 16 days ago)

There has been a crime spree within the last few months of Police Officers across the county who are committing acts of Domestic violence on their familiy members, and or just plain killing them, and in some cases killing the children.  Why isn't the Justice Department or the Attorney General offices getting involved and seeing the patterns in these cases.

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Justice, or Just a Crime? You be the Judge.

@ 06:33 AM (113 months, 17 days ago)

Across the country police officers confront the worst manifestations of human behavior as they are actually unfolding. A police officer is expected to be in control,
no matter what the situation. As one officer who was interviewed stated, "We act out this disposition--taking control-every time we respond to a radio call or observe a violation.

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Significant Others and Abuse

@ 07:50 AM (113 months, 18 days ago)

Information for both men and women on same sex abusive relationships

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf and No One Listened

@ 05:45 PM (113 months, 18 days ago)

The following story is important for 2 reasons.

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Divorce and Other Cost Saving Alternatives

@ 07:54 AM (113 months, 19 days ago)

Divorce-Money Saving Options What is a mediator? It is a neutral person. They do not take sides and they are not there to be your marriage therapist. Their goal is to assist you by removing the drama and tension often associated with a long drawn out court battle. In fact, they are not even allowed to give you legal advice. The mediator begins, by meeting each party separately. You fill out questions and provide financial information. In addition, you list concerns over custody and parenting issues. After the initial meeting, you will then meet with the mediator together and work out issues so that you can come up with an agreement that serves you both. That agreement is then submitted to the courts for final review usually by a judge. (States vary on this, so please check your local statues.)

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Important New Legislation Proposed in Congress-We need your support Bloggers

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It has been almost 17 years since the tragedy of my mother back 1989.  Sometime it seems like years, other times, like it was just, yesterday. I am very passionate about any type of violence in the home because it is against the law.  And yes, when it is an officer's family, the small hairs on my arms still stand straight up each and everytime someone is killed.  It brings memories back to the household where I grew up in the heart of Chicago, because my mother and siblings feared this man of power who protected the streets at night and by day, brought the violence home with him, often, upon walking in through the front door of our home.  And through out my entire childhood and well into my adult years I was the "little girl who couldn't save her mother". Now I asking you for all those women, who are not here to speak and collectively be their voices.   Legislation is usually passed because people died and the only way to prevent increased acts of violence is to create laws and education in an effort to prevent future tragedies and hold law enforcement agencies accountable. Police departments across the country need not only be accountable to the public and the law they are sworn to serve and protect, but it must apply to their own families, because in many cases it does not.   There is a father by the name of Lane Judson, who lost his daughter.  And he is trying to make the world a better place by creating awareness and laws that will protect all of us. Mr. Judson is working with congress to get a study completed to deal with abuse and prevention of violence in the law enforcement home.  As a people, it is something we should all support.  PLease read the following article and consider writing a letter to your congressman, where you live, in suport of domestic violence policy for domestic violence education and prevention.  If Lane Judson can write a few letters everyday to Congress asking for their help, Then we should all take the time and easch write just 1 ourselves.  The power to make a difference is in each one of us, and as a team effort, we will all hit a home run.   Or, you can send an email to and bend his Irish ear a bit.    Father of woman murdered by police chief hopeful Congress will act on domestic violence MATTHEW Daley
Sunday, October 30, 2005   WASHINGTON -- As his daughter lay dying, Lane Judson promised her he would do something about the often hidden problem of family violence committed by police.   Crystal Judson Brame, was shot and killed by her estranged husband, Tacoma Police Chief David Brame, who then killed himself.   The April 2003 shootings shook the state and led to a new law requiring Washington police agencies to adopt tough policies regarding domestic violence among their officers.   Now Judson wants Congress to adopt a similar law nationwide - a quest that so far has been a tortuous education in how slow Congress can be.   But even as he and his wife Patty send stacks of letters urging lawmakers to back their efforts, Judson remains upbeat - convinced the couple's 2 1/2-year crusade will ultimately succeed.   "I am so optimistic something good is going to come out of this," the 70-year-old Judson said in an interview from his home in Gig Harbor. "It just has to."   The up-and-down course of the legislation - which Judson originally dubbed the Crystal Clear Act - was back on the upswing this month, as the state's congressional delegation again pushed for a Justice Department study of domestic violence programs that law enforcement agencies provide for their officers.   In a letter signed by 10 of the state's 11 members of Congress, Washington lawmakers urged leaders of the House and Senate judiciary committees to back a federal study they said might help prevent tragedies like that of Crystal Judson Brame.   The letter also encourages police departments to develop policies based on a model created by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.   The study is a far cry from Lane Judson's first impulse: to withhold federal money from police departments that don't have effective policies dealing with domestic violence by their officers.   Judson, a retired Boeing manager, gave up on that idea after local members of Congress, including Democratic Reps. Norm Dicks and Jay Inslee and Republican Rep. Dave Reichert, convinced him that a proposal to cut police funding was unlikely to succeed.   "Whatever they come up with, I support 100 percent, because it's a step in the right direction," Judson said.   Reichert, a former King County sheriff, said it should come as no surprise that some police officers commit domestic violence.   "These are people that we hire from the human race, so a certain percentage will be prone to domestic violence," Reichert said. "The twist is that police officers are people in authority. They carry a badge and a gun, and I truly believe it is more difficult for victims - and 90 percent of the time it's females - to come forward," Reichert said.   Penny Harrington, a former Portland, Ore., police chief who helped found the National Center for Women and Policing, an advocacy group that seeks more women at all ranks of law enforcement, agreed.   Harrington said the Brame case highlights the dangers of police family violence. Like David Brame, most police officers have access to weapons and know how to use them, Harrington said.   "All too frequently, it escalates into a fatal situation," she said.   Many officers also know where domestic violence shelters are and may have access to police computers that make it easier to track a woman down, said Harrington.   While exact statistics don't exist, Harrington said two studies indicate that as many as 40 percent of police families experience domestic violence or abuse - four times the rate of the general population.   "Police hate to investigate their brother officers," Harrington said. "That's part of the problem. Families are afraid to report, and they are afraid that nothing will be done if they do report it."   The International Association of Chiefs of Police created its model policy two years ago so departments large and small can develop their own guidelines, said Gene Voegtlin, a spokesman for the Virginia-based police chiefs group. Voegtlin declined to comment on the figures cited by Harrington.   "The question of domestic violence by police officers obviously is a critical one, and one we care about."   Voegtlin said he was not sure how many of the nation's 14,000 municipal, county and state police agencies have policies on domestic violence, but said anecdotal evidence indicates the number is increasing.   A survey of 123 police agencies conducted in the 1990s indicated that fewer than half had such policies.   That could change as a result of the Brame case, Washington lawmakers say - if for no other reason than self-protection, as local officials ponder potentially huge liability in the event of a similar tragedy.   Last month, the city of Tacoma approved a $12 million payment and other provisions to settle a lawsuit filed by the Judson family. The suit claimed, among other things, that city officials never investigated allegations that Brame abused his wife; did not protect her despite repeated complaints; and promoted Brame despite a failed psychological examination and a rape claim against him.   "The city took a bath on this," said George Behan, chief of staff to Rep. Dicks. "The emperor had no clothes, because they could not claim they were ignorant of the case."   The Judsons live in Dicks' district and have worked closely with him on the police bill.   Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash, who represents Tacoma, said Lane Judson was "doing an outstanding job of shining a light on a very important issue."   The Brame case shows the need to make sure police departments are aware of abuse that goes on in their departments and are prepared to prevent it or stop it once it starts, Smith said.   Judson often recalls his hospital promise to his daughter, as he and other family members press their campaign for a federal law.   Crystal, 35, couldn't talk, but the family knew she could hear.   "She would squeeze my hand. I told her, 'Crystal, I will do everything I can so this won't happen again,'" Judson said.   After Crystal died, Judson said he thought there was less than a 5 percent chance that Congress would do something. He now puts the odds about 50-50.   "My goal is to make sure that no one ever feels like Crystal, with nowhere to turn," he said. "It's starting to become a reality."

Susan Murhy Milano is the author of "Moving Out, Moving On", when a relationship goes wrong, and "Defending Our Lives" getting away from Domestic Violence & staying safe (Doubleday)

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