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Letter From "Amy Duh" Predicting her Fate

@ 04:58 AM (92 months, 8 days ago)

Amy Duh penned this letter in August. Her mother, Beverley VanBuskirk, said she found it Tuesday in a nightstand drawer at her daughter's apartment. It was beneath the pearls Duh wore on her wedding day. VanBuskirk said her daughter told her months ago she was going to write a note like this, but she did not know she had actually done it:


"I am writing this letter to let the police know if anything happens to me (Amy Duh) I would like to tell you that Derrek Duh has threatened my life many times. I was told he will shoot me, stab me or beat the s--- out of me anyway to kill me. I have many reports with Bethlehem Township police station. I have two PFAs on him. He had to turn his guns in but he still carries a gun with him. I don't know where he got it from. So if one day you find my body and I am dead, Please, Please look at Derrek Duh. And please make shure (sic) my son Garrett Duh is put with my parents for a better life. There (sic) names are Ronald and Beverley VanBuskirk Please help me and my son."

Signed Amy Duh

"I wrote this because I don't know if one day he will snap and kill me. I fear my life every day."